25 Hearts and Kisses Gift Ideas

No matter where you are on the love meter (single, smitten, oh-so-attached), there’s something to the authentic Valentine’s Day icons of hearts and kisses that brings out those warm fuzzies. Whether you go for the symbolic XO, puckering lips, or an iconic heart, we’ve found 25 hearts and kisses gift ideas for Valentine's Day that [...]

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Gifts for Your 1st Valentine’s Day

You have a date for Valentine’s Day (yessss!) with someone you really truly think is special, and now you want to give her or him something from the heart. Here’s your crib sheet to 1st Valentine’s Day gift ideas that show you might really be falling in love, without going overboard and making you look [...]

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30 Cool Gifts for 13 Year Olds

Gift-giving for older kids can be a bit tricky. Thirteen-year-olds have that childlike enthusiasm, but they also are beginning to care about their image and want to receive gifts that are trendy and cool. Well, we've compiled some cool gifts for 13 year olds to help you on your quest to find the perfect gift! [...]

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25 Christmas Gifts for Teenage Girls

It’s easy to feel clueless about what teen girls actually like, but don’t get angsty over scoring a gift she’ll think is totally cool. Find the perfect Christmas gifts for teenage girls, from the middle-school tweens to the older teenagers who drive. These hip gifts show her you’re in the know. Don’t worry, we won’t [...]

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19 Luxe Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Wife

Your wife works hard taking care of everyone else, why not give her a turn to kick back and relax. Let her know how much you appreciate her with one of these luxurious and comforting Christmas gift ideas for your wife. From massage essentials to cashmere pajamas, we’ve got you covered. 19 Luxe Christmas Gift Ideas [...]

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