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Why Traditional Valentine’s Day Gifts are Out

Surely, you remember our holiday shopping survey and its 23 Surprising Facts About Gift Giving? Well, we're back with more surprising stats from that survey, but this time they're focused on the most romantic day of the year, Valentine's Day. We asked over 1,300 people across the USA with household incomes greater than $50,000/yr to weigh in [...]

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10 Green Monday Money Saving Tips

Hey, it's Green Monday! That means 'tis the season for giving and it’s easy to get spend-happy with your holiday shopping. While the holidays are a "fa-la-la" time of bringing good cheer, no one wants to ring in holiday debt. Check out these surprising stats from our recent gift giving survey: Almost half of respondents [...]

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22 Practical Gifts to Get on Black Friday

Black Friday is that special day when mothers tackle mothers in the Barbie aisle and dads arm wrestle perfect strangers over the last Xbox. Or is it? According to our recent holiday shopping survey, most of you aren’t really wild-eyed frenzied toy hunters; you’re just regular people looking for good deals on practical gifts. In [...]

23 Surprising Facts About Gift Giving

We recently conducted a gift giving survey of more than 1,300 Americans with a household income of $50,000/yr or more to explore areas of gift giving that usually go missed in traditional surveys on holiday shopping. Well, it worked! We learned so many surprising tid bits that we had to put out a press release on the [...]

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