No matter where you are on the love meter (single, smitten, oh-so-attached), there’s something to the authentic Valentine’s Day icons of hearts and kisses that brings out those warm fuzzies. Whether you go for the symbolic XO, puckering lips, or an iconic heart, we’ve found 25 hearts and kisses gift ideas for Valentine’s Day that will surprise friends, family or your special sweetheart. These symbols of love are sure to be received with an open heart…and perhaps a smattering of kisses. Mwah!

heart themed gifts and kiss themed gifts for valentines day


Gold Heart Balloon Kit

Present this happy bouquet of heart balloons, because she has a heart of gold.

hearts balloons

Map of Our Hearts 

You may come from different zip codes, but you just fit together, like this custom map heart that makes a sweet gift for your better half.

map of our hearts valentines day gift idea

Heart Shaped Sunglasses

Found: a fun pair of heart shades to give your bestie that cost less than a latte (with free shipping to boot)!

heart sunglasses

My Heart Will Guide You Home Compass 

If your love is far away, this pewter heart compass makes a sentimental valentine for long-distance lovers.

heart shaped pocked compass gift for valentines day

Custom Couple Heart Mugs 

Treat yourself, treat your guy, or give your favorite lovey-dovey couple a set of heart mugs painted with custom initials — to turn the morning cup of ‘joe into a lovefest.

custom heart mugs

Anatomical Heart Pendant 

She’s anything but traditional, so give her a heart pendant that’s more punk-rock cool than sweet and rosy.

anatomical heart necklace Valentine's Day gift idea

Fit Together Photo Jigsaw Puzzle 

The opposites-attract clichés are true when it comes to you two, so give a funny valentine that builds on how well you fit together.

custom heart shaped photo puzzle gift for Valentine's Day

Bagel & Cream Cheese Valentine Hearts Love T-Shirt 

This valentine is for the gal who hearts Saturday mornings, because you can snuggle in bed and get breakfast bagels (in that order).

bagel and cream cheese love tee shirt gift for valentines day

Personalized Photo Collage Frame

Create a memorable valentine while (finally) getting those favorite pics printed with a photo collage for your sweetie.

Personalized Sweethearts Photo Collage Frame Valentine's Day gift idea

Chance Made Us Sisters Hearts Made Us Friends Bracelet 

Your sister is your first soulmate, so give her a bracelet that tells her so.

Chance Made Us Sisters Hearts Made Us Friends Valentine's Day gift for your sister

Personalized Wine Bottle I Love You 

No Valentine’s Day would be complete for you lovebirds without a little vino, and this personalized wine bottle hits all the sweet notes.

Personalized Wine Bottles - I Love You Valentine's Day gift idea

Personalized Love Story 

Whether you met on Tinder or connected at the gym, your love story is one-of-a-kind, so consider this hardcover book a sweet walk down memory lane.

personalized reasons why I love you book Valentine's Day gift idea

Personalized Grey Sherpa Fleece Blanket for Him

Give a cozy valentine to a dear and special grandparent who always warms your heart.

Warm Heart Personalized Grey Sherpa Fleece Blanket for Him Valentine's Day gift idea

Personalized Pillowcase Set 

They call it the lust phase, the honeymoon period — whatever, go with it, and enjoy that period of swooning love with pillowcases that show you’re smitten.

Blown Away By Love Pillow Cases Valentine's Day gift ideas

I Love You From the Bottom to the Top

Roommates will appreciate a valentine that’s keeps the day of love in perspective.

I Love You from Top to Bottom toilet paper funny Valentine's Day gift idea

Custom Initials Date Locket Necklace

There’s something sweet and authentic about a locket necklace, and this one includes stamped custom dates and initials for a modern handmade vibe.

(not available)


Kissing Booth Pin 

This adorable pin makes a rad gift for the gal who doesn’t give kisses out for free.

kissing booth pin

Hand Drawn Pencil Sketch from Photo 

Turn a favorite snap of you two into a hand-drawn pencil sketch that’s etched with your love.

Hand Drawn Pencil Sketch from Photos

XOXO Socks

Warm up with the coolest socks around that spread kisses and hugs all the way down to the soles of your feet.

xoxo socks

Good Morning Handsome Mug 

Give him a sweet reminder every morning that you think he’s the cat’s meow.

good morning handsome valentine's day gift for him

Personalized Boxer Shorts Sealed With a Kiss 

Seal your love for your guy with boxers that are just the right amount of racy.

Personalized Boxer Shorts - Sealed With A Kiss Valentine's Day gift idea

Inverse XOXO Magnetic Therapy Necklace 

Here’s a gift that gives: a necklace that features kisses and hugs in classic XO’s made with magnetic therapy that’s known to heal.

Inverse XOXO - Stainless Steel Magnetic Therapy Necklace Valentine's Day gift idea

Black With Red Kiss Lips Imaginary Boyfriend Body Pillow 

Your friend is riding solo for another Valentine’s Day, so let her know she’s not alone with this boyfriend body pillow.

Black with Red Kiss Lips Imaginary Boyfriend Body Pillow Valentine's Day gift idea

Hershey’s Kisses Music Box for Sweetheart 

Some things never change, like the appeal of Hershey’s and sweet music on cupid’s holiday.

HERSHEY®'S KISSES® Music Box For Sweetheart Valentine's Day gift idea

XOXO Lipstick Pen 

It’s a lipstick! No, it’s a pen! It’s a conversation piece that will turn your friend’s lips into a smile.

(not available)

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