Surely, you remember our holiday shopping survey and its 23 Surprising Facts About Gift Giving? Well, we’re back with more surprising stats from that survey, but this time they’re focused on the most romantic day of the year, Valentine’s Day. We asked over 1,300 people across the USA with household incomes greater than $50,000/yr to weigh in on this controversial holiday. If you think that Valentine’s Day is all about hearts and flowers and that more women care about Valentine’s Day than men then you’re in for a shock, friends. Our survey shows that there’s a shift happening that makes Valentine’s Day a true 21st century holiday that refuses to follow its own rules. That’s right, traditional Valentine’s Day gifts are out and this holiday is taking on a new identity. See for yourself…

 traditional valentine's day gift survey results

Are guys actually the more romantic sex?

Well, they value Valentine’s Day more than women. 54% of men responded that Valentine’s Day is a meaningful holiday whereas only 38% of women agreed.
And, men buy more Valentine’s Day gifts. A full 91.25% of men said that they buy Valentine’s Day gifts compared to 78% of women.

Valentine’s Day is not sexy

Only .49% (yes, there’s a decimal before that number) of women surveyed responded that something sexy makes the best Valentine’s Day gift.

Valentine’s Day is from the heart, not covered in hearts

81% of men and women surveyed agree that a Valentine’s Day gift is best when it has sentimental value, makes a memory or reflects how well you know each other.

Traditional gifts are out

Less than 10% of respondents both male and female said that traditional gifts like flowers, candy or jewelry make the best Valentine’s Day gifts.

Valentine’s Day change of heart

57.3% of respondents who have been in a relationship for 1 – 5 years said that the holiday is meaningful to them. On the other hand, 58.94% of people who have been together for 21 – 30 years said that Valentine’s Day isn’t meaningful to them.

Valentine’s Day is all about the money

Men love to fluff their feathers and show off on this holiday so, it’s no surprise that they’re the big spenders with 19.91% spending between $151 and $250 and 26.48% spending between $76 and $150. On the flip side, most women (69.28%) will spend $75 or less vs. 53.61% of men.

Valentine’s Day is super last-minute

This might not be surprising but it is at least sad that most people (66.01%) do their shopping during the two weeks prior to Valentine’s Day.

Luckily for you, ugiftideas has a ton of Valentine’s Day gift ideas that will get your wheels turning and your heart beating a little faster.