Choosing Christmas gifts for nephews doesn’t have to be complicated even if they are little budding Einstiens. You’re probably already his favorite relative, anyway, so  you have that going in your favor.  In our recent holiday shopping survey, we found out that most Aunts and Uncles spend less than $100 per niece or nephew during the holidays. So, to help you stay within your budget, just think about things he already has and choose something similar with a twist. Here are a few ideas to help you find his favorite new toy, whether he’s a tinkerer, superhero-obsessed or an athlete.

25 Gifts for Smart Nephews

Stop Motion Animation Kit  $60.00 3yrs+

For the builder to the film buff, this kit can really unlock his creativity.

stop motion DIY animation kit for tech genius creative nephews

Color Your Own Soccer Ball  $19.99 All Ages

For the artistic athlete.

color your own soccer ball gift for nephew

Batcave  $59.99 36mo – 8yrs

A headquarters for the imagination of your favorite superhero enthusiast.

batcave gift for nephews

Bioluminiscent Dino Pet  $69.95 3+yrs

Filled with plankton, this dinosaur glows if you shake it.

bioluminescent dinosaur pet gift for nephews

Remote Control Machines $67.00 8-14yrs

Step it up a notch and help him build his own RC vehicles using the included manual.

remote control machines building set gift for nephews

Zoomer Dino  $99.00 5+yrs

This remote-controlled dinosaur will have kids of all ages shrieking with fun.

zoomer remote control dinosaur gift for nephews

Marvel Ultimate Spider-Man  $29.00 6-12yrs

Put a smile on his face six times throughout the year with comic strips, activities and games.

spiderman comic book subscription gift for nephews

Tree Construction Set  $25.00 3+yrs

He can mimic things he sees in nature with this colorful set.

tree construction set gift for creative nephews

Building Game  $24.95 3+yrs

A game with wooden bricks and plastic pebbles- Who will knock the stack over?

tummple building game gift for nephews

Fold & Go Trampoline  $87.94 36mo-7yrs

Score points with his parents by keeping him off the furniture!

fold and go trampoline gift for nephew

Grow-With-Me 3-in-1 Skateboard  $41.37 4-8yrs

Maybe he’s still too young to skateboard, but he wants to be as cool as his favorite uncle.

grow with me skateboard for nephew

Makey Makey  $49.95 8-10yrs

Now the quirky gamer can turn just about anything into a touchpad controller.

creative DIY remote control gift for genius nephews

Nightball Football  $14.50 5+yrs

Keep him scoring touchdowns even after sundown.

light up football gift for nephews

Maisto Street Troopers $39.99 5-15yrs

He’ll be the envy of his friends when his RC car becomes a missile launching robot.

Maisto Street Troopers gift for nephews

Hot Wheels Flying Car $49.92 5-15yrs

It drives on the ground, but his imagination will soar as this flies up to 200 feet in the air!

hot wheels remote control flying car toys for your nephew

RC Bumper Cars  $39.11 6-12yrs

Need some healthy competition? See who can eject the other car’s driver first.

Remote control bumer air cars best toys for your nephews

Snap Circuits Physics Kit  $45.78 8-15yrs

300 included projects will keep him busy tinkering for hours.

snap circuits physics kit present for gifted nephew

Musical Marble Run  $89.00 3+yrs

This cellist-engineered marble maze makes beautiful music as the marbles travel through it.

marble run gift for nephew

Magformers  $71.65 6+yrs

You might find it hard to put these down when he asks you to build with him.

magformers magnetic building tiles for nephews

Next Generation Yo-Yo  $19.95 5+yrs

Simple to play with, difficult to master, this addictive toy mimics planetary orbits.

crazy next generation yo yo gift for nephews

SuperSize 3D Kites  $31.99 8+yrs

This awesome pirate ship is easy to steer through the sky!

totally amazing pirate ship kite gift for nephew

Perplexus Epic  $21.92 6+yrs

This small, fully enclosed 3D bead maze challenges hand-eye coordination.

preplexus epic labyrinth challenge ball for teen nephews

More suggestions from uGiftIdeas:

Pinblock Freestyle  $44.99

Help him build unique, flexible structures with these.

IcoSoKu 3-D Brainteaser Puzzle  $19.99

Take your little Sudoku fan’s game to the third dimension.

Cool Circuits Puzzle  $21.99

Who can complete the most challenging circuit puzzle?

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