This year, you’re not going to blow it. This get-inspired list of 25 gifts for tackling New Year’s resolutions, sets you up for success, so you can change course on what’s not working (pinky swear). Whether you’re aiming for lofty fitness goals or simply want to be more responsive on email, these gift ideas are just the nudge needed to meet those big goals for 2016. Go get ‘em; it’s going to be your best year yet!

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Get Fit

Sun Salutations Unisex Crew

Because having rad workout clothes is inspiration enough to make it to that yoga class.

sun salutations sweatshirt new year's resolutions tips

FitBit Wireless Activity + Sleep Wristband 

Have the FitBit, use it (very important step), and make 2016 the year you take better care of yourself.

fitbit fitness tracking bracelet to get in shape in 2016 new year's resolutions tips

Magnetic Bike Lights 

Biking is a fun, hip way to stay fit, and these magnetic bike lights keep you safe on evening rides.

magnetic bike lights to help you get more exercise this year new year's resolutions tips

Portable Isometric Trainer 

Build those muscles with an exercise device that lets you work out anywhere, even when you have just a few minutes to squeeze in toning.

new years resolution gift idea portable isometric trainer for getting fit while traveling new year's resolutions tips

Eat Healthy

45 Second Omelet Maker 

Breakfast is so important, and this omelet maker is sure to kickstart your morning with a protein-packed meal.

45 second omelet maker to help you eat healthier in 2016 new years resolution gear new year's resolutions tips

Practice Conservation Water Bottle 

This cool stainless steel bottle keeps you hydrated and reminds you to keep the planet healthy (by skipping one-use water bottles).

 conserve water bottle new year's resolution tips

Herb Keeper 

Fresh herbs make all the difference in taste, since eating healthy comes back to simple, wholesome foods.

herb keeper to help you eat healthier in 2016 new year resolution gear new year's resolutions tips

Wifi-Enabled Smart Crockpot 

Swap take-out pizza for a homemade crockpot dinner — eating healthy doesn’t mean you need to be a slave to the stove.

wifi crock pot to help you eat healthier in 2016 new year's resolutions tips

Ultimate Portable Grill Caddy 

Make it even easier to grill up dinner for everyone, and skip the fried foods.

portable grill caddy to help you eat healthier and grill more in 2016 new year's resolutions tips

Tablet Holding Cutting Board 

Load up your foodie Pinterest board and get cooking with the help of this tablet-holding cutting board.

tablet holding cutting board for eating healthier new year's resolution

Meat Thermometer (not available)

Studies show it’s better for your health if you don’t overcook meats, and this handy thermometer will guide you to just the right temp.


Escape Canvas Utility Bag

One word says it all and is sure to inspire you to make 2016 the year to travel.

escape travel getaway bag new year's resolution tips

Iris Lens Series for iPhone 

When you have a case of wanderlust, you definitely need to snap pretty photos of the places you discover.

iris HD phone camera lens new year's resolution tips

Propane Camp Fire 

Travel doesn’t mean Four Seasons for you — some of the best trips start with a campfire.

portable propane camp fire for traveling and getting outdoors more in 2016 new year's resolutions tips

Travelogue Travel Journal 

Even with the most souped-up iPhone, a travel journal is still essential for jotting down thoughts in cafés as you explore.

travel journal to document your travels in 2016 and beyond new years resolutions gear new year's resolutions tips

Wishing Ball

Make wishes on where you want to go, this year and beyond, and start to make those wishes happen.

wishing ball to store your new years resolutions new year's resolutions tips

Spend More Time With Loved Ones

Today is Going to Be the Best Day Ever Pouch

This year, pack a daily reminder to be present with the ones you love (and put away that phone so you’re talking rather than surfing the web.)

best day ever bag new year's resolution tips

Exotic Dinner Kit 

Maybe traveling to a far-off destination is not in the cards, but these kits sets you up to make an exotic meal together, then enjoy by candlelight at home.

Exotic dinner kit to eat more healthily in 2016 new years resolutions

I Love You Activity Book for Couples 

Consider this book a grownup version of Mad Libs, with activity ideas to spark spontaneous fun and a few laughs.

i love you activity book to spend more time with loved ones in 2016

Walking Food Tours 

Combine your favorite loves (food, travel, and a certain someone) with the ultimate experience gift.

walking food tour to spend more time with loved ones in 2016

7-in-1 Game Table (not available)

Because the old-school version of gaming is still fun for all, and this game table helps cure any winter cabin fever.

Get Organized

Trunk Organizer and Cooler Set 

It’s high time to make that trunk a space that makes it easy to get groceries in and out and organize gear for fun day trips.

trunk organizer to get more organized in 2016 new years resolution

Canon Selphy Photo Printer 

This is the year to take those digital photo files (currently trapped on your phone and computer) and print them to have and enjoy in your home.

instant camera phone printer new years resolution gift

Universal Charging Station (not available)

Stop running out of battery life and running behind on the inbox with this universal charging station for all.

Minimalist Key Organizer (not available)

This key organizer is all the rage because it simply, neatly styles 10 keys to nest together like a pocketknife.


Get inspired with even more gadgets that can solve any-and-every problem. And, these gift ideas can help you make practical changes for better.