When you’re Christmas shopping for your niece, look for a gift that wows her — without aggravating the grownups (aka your siblings). We have the strategy nailed with this list of 25 Christmas gifts for nieces under $100. We know some of you are new aunties/uncles with young nieces to shop for, and some of you are looking for a perfect gift for a teenage niece. Either way, we’ve got you covered with the very best gifts of the season to delight your oh-so-special niece whether she’s 3, 13, or 23.

25 Gifts for Nieces of All Ages Under $100

Kids Apron Pink Star 

She loves to help out in the kitchen, and this hand silk screened apron will turn her into a culinary star.

apron and baking set for little girls

Happy Doodles Tattly Set

Super silly temporary tattoos are a home-run hit as a Christmas gift for most any-age niece. http://tattly.com/products/happy-doodles-set

doddle temporary tattoos for hipster kids

Spirograph Deluxe Design Set 

Your little niece may start drawing kaleidoscopes right on Christmas day with this artsy gift, while you and the other grownups chat away.

spirograph design toy for niece

The Color Curator Necklace

Celebrate how she just said goodbye to braces, and frame her face with a necklace that’s as colorful as her

custom color curator necklace gift for nieces

Eye Clock 

You know your niece will receive plenty of seriously useful gifts, so give her a gadget that’s just plain silly.

googley eye clock for silly nieces

Penny Necklace With Personalized Year

When your niece was a tot, you taught her to make wishes on pennies, and now you can give her some good luck to wear everyday.

personalized birth year penny necklace gift for niece

Hammock Mexican Style 

Give your niece a special place to hang that’s colorful, relaxing, and all hers.

colorful handmade Mexican hammock gift for your niece

Personalized Engraved Message Silver Bracelet 

Your niece has grown into a young lady, battling typical teenage angst, so give her a bracelet engraved with a message of strength to remember.

personalized inspirational message bracelet gift for sentimental nieces

Eat More Tacos Pennant 

Your spicy niece will love opening this gift as much as she loves Taco Tuesdays. http://threepotatofour.com/products/eat-more-tacos-pennant

eat tacos penant room decor gift for teen girls

Next Generation Yo-Yo 

Give her a rad toy to play with, and you’ll claim the title, The Fun Auntie.

next generation yo yo gift for off beat nieces

Coin Bank With Working Gauge 

Your niece is a kiddo who’ll love watching this kooky coin bank fill up with loose change. Don’t forget to ask what she’s saving for.

gas gauge coin bank for nieces who are about to need gas money

‘Master of My Fate’ Necklace

Give her wise words to live by with a pretty reminder that she’s the master of her own course.

master of my fate inspirational necklace gift for niece

Piano Keyboard for iPad 

Here’s the perfect gift for the niece who loves to make music anytime, anywhere.

piano keyboard for iPad gift for music lover niece

Solar Powered Charger and Light 

Give your niece a solar-powered backup charger, since you know losing the power to text could derail her whole day.

solar powered charger for phone and light gift for text crazed nieces

Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau de Toilette Spray 

Your rebel teen niece may not always act the sweetest, but she sure can smell sweet with this designer perfume.

marc jacobs daisy perfume gift for niece

Smart Monitor Stand and Board

This practical gift will keep your tech queen organized and ready to tackle midterms.

monitor stand gift for niece

Noise-Cancelling Headphones 

Your niece will love blocking out background noise (like little brothers) with these headphones, while grownups will love not having to listen to One Direction on repeat.

noisehush noise cancelling headphones gift for niece

Personalized Bath Towels 

Fluffy towels printed with her name make a perfect gift for the niece who’s just starting out at college, or for the teenage niece who bemoans shares a bathroom with siblings.

personalized bath towels gift for your preppy niece

Compact Case for iPad 

Your niece will flip for this iPad case that looks like an antique book — it’s a cool accessory that’ll score her compliments.

Tablet case and organizer gift for bookish niece

Yoga Tote 

You and your niece both love a round of sun salutations, so give her a stylish carryall that can tote everything she’ll need for the day, including that bulky yoga mat.

yoga tote gifts for nieces

Rise Shine Wake Up and Color Changing Light

You’ve heard about the morning battle to wake up your niece, so give her a special alarm to rise-and-shine and make mornings easier on everyone.

natural waking alarm clock and sound machine gift for nieces

Fitness Balance Ball 

In case you haven’t heard, fitness balls make a posture-improving seat at the desk when you’re studying hours in the dorm, so your niece won’t get a case of slump-itis.

fitness balance ball chair gift for athletic nieces

Zodiac Braille Cuff Bracelet 

Your niece is that special age that’s too cool for obvious displays of affection, so give her a hidden message of love in braille with this pretty piece of jewelry.

zodiac braille cuff bracelet gift for nieces

Retro Series Clue 1986 Edition Game 

You’ve introduced your niece to many things that feel retro to her, including ‘80s music and this beloved board game the whole family can play.

retro clue board gamegift for nieces who like to play games

Unzipped Glass Zipper Bag 

It’s your role as the cool auntie to indulge her sweet tooth, so give her this special candy dish along with her fave treats.

glass ziplock bag bowl funny gift for niece

Now that your niece is taken care of, if you’re stumped on what to get your nephew, we have loads of gift ideas to get you out of the starting gate.

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