Your tween may have his own phone and email address but he’s still a kid (shhh don’t tell him!). He’s tech-savvy, eco-conscious and like the rest of us he loves cool stuff. The good news is, that makes him easy to shop for.  We’ve compiled a list of creative gifts for tweens that will make her friends jealous and keep her happy over the holiday break and beyond. We found some great high-tech options but plenty of low-tech too.  Just to remind her, you can still have fun without a USB cable.

Creative gift ideas for tweens

Makey Makey

At last! An invention kit that enables you to play the piano on a banana and take selfies of your cat. This is a toy that will get your kids excited about electronics. Designed at MIT, natch.

DIY synthesizer made with fruit creative gift for tween

Self Cleaning Fish Tank That Grows Food

This fish tank also grows vegetables and herbs – fish waste feeds the plants and plants clean the water. Brilliant!

fish tank ecosystem gift for tweens

Polaroid Cube HD Digital Video Camera 

Your tween will love filming his friends and pets (though maybe not you, mom and dad, sorry) with this tiny cube shaped video camera.

tiny polaroid HD video cube gift for tween

Acre of Land on the Moon

300 million acres of moon have already been sold but plenty of acres left for your kids. They will love owning a bit of the unknown. Who knows, maybe in fifty years it will be worth something?

property on the moon gift for tweens

Skateboard Wall Clock

Even kids who are not into skateboarding will love this clock made of recycled skateboards.

skateboard clock gift for tween boy

Dromida Ominus UAV Quadcopter

Forget remote control helicopters- time to move into the big leagues with this Dromida Ominus UAV Quadcopter (even the name sounds exciting!)

drone quad copter tech gift for tween

Gummy Bear Lights

Gummy bears are not just for eating – these LED light up bears emit waves of soft ambient colored light when you squeeze their bellies.

gummy lights gift for tween room decor

New Synths Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator

Your music loving tween can make his own sounds with this tiny synthesizer that is small enough to fit in his pocket.

 pocket operator gift for tween

My First Lab DuoScope Microscope

Your young Marie Curie will never get tired of staring into the high powered lens of this award-winning microscope.

real scientific microscope gift for super smart tween


Face it, a Cubebot looks cool whether he’s standing on its head or folded into a cube – even adults can’t resist twisting him into wacky positions.

cubebot wooden robot gift for creative tween

Gold Playing Card Set

What better way to encourage your tween’s interest in low-tech fun and all things shiny and gold?

gold playing cards gift for tweens

Penultimate 7-in-1 Pen Stylus

The Penultimate 7-in-1 Pen Stylus will appeal to your tween’s love of cool gadgetry; he can do his geometry homework, write a novel and tighten his own screws all with one slick pen.

penultimate multifnction pen gift for tween

Ultimate Magic Kit

Kids never grow out of magic tricks – the Ultimate Magic Kit is perfect for tweens, teens and even adults.

totally amazing Magician kit gift for tweens

Personalized 5200 mAh Slimline Battery Charger

They’ve got urgent texts to write but their battery is dead!  No worries, pull out the Personalized 5200 mAh Slimline Battery Charger and text away.

personalized portable charger gift for tweens

Bluetooth Tracking Tag

For your scatterbrained darling who is just like you now with her own house keys and the same habit of misplacing them, pick up this Bluetooth Tracking Tag and make her life a little bit easier.

smartfinder geo tracking tag for keys gift for tween

Stainless Steel Wallet

Your tween will keep track of his allowance in style with this stainless steel wallet designed by Theodore Stewart-Stand.

stainless steel wallet gift idea for tween boy

Polaroid Digital Instant Print Camera

Yes it’s a splurge but your tween will love you forever (or at least until the next time you take her phone).

polaroid instant digital camera gift idea for creative tweens

Solar Powered Charger and Light

Your eco-conscious offspring will love solar charging her phone with this solar powered charger and light.

solar charger for phone or iPod gift for tweens

Great Minds Puzzles Set of 8

The Great Minds puzzles are seriously challenging and will keep your young Einstein entertained and frustrated for hours.

great minds puzzle set gift for tween

Adam the Doodles Man

Adam the Doodles Man is a perfect desktop companion or figure drawing model for the aspiring artist.

 adam the doodle man poseable sketch mannequin gift for tween artist

 Other Suggestions From uGiftIdeas:

Marshmallow Bow and Mallow

Sorry Katniss, the only pain this marshmallow weapon will inflict is cavities.

Wireless Headphone Hat

Help your tween tune out everything you’re saying with this cozy warm headphone hat.

MultiFunctional Pocket Tool

Everyone needs something cool in his pocket and what more fun than a multifunctional pocket tool that can serve as phone stand, screw driver and more.

Device Cases

Help keep her iPad cozy and best of all unbroken with this eco-friendly case made of recycled fleece.

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