It’s easy to feel clueless about what teen girls actually like, but don’t get angsty over scoring a gift she’ll think is totally cool. Find the perfect Christmas gifts for teenage girls, from the middle-school tweens to the older teenagers who drive. These hip gifts show her you’re in the know. Don’t worry, we won’t tell that you got a little help from our elves.

12.09.15 25 gifts for teen girls

Birthstone Letterpress Calendar

A pretty new calendar is the perfect way to start off her year, along with a note to your teen that she’s a real gem.

letterpress birthstone calendar gift for teen girls

iPhone Camera Lens Kit 

Your Instagram-loving teen will light up when she sees this rad camera lens kit for her iPhone.

iphone camera lens kit gift for creative teen girl

Vermont Maple & Sea Salt Popcorn

Movie nights at home will feel more special when your teen has gourmet popcorn that’s sweet and salty and oh-so-yummy.

 vermont maple sea salt popcorn gift for teen girls

Shower Squids

She’ll appreciate a fun solution to set apart her fave shower supplies from her share-everything siblings.

shower squid shower organizer gift for teen girl

Solid Brass Pretzel Necklace 

Your snack-loving teen will surely smile when she sees this witty necklace cast in solid brass (or silver) that’s a twist on style.

solid brass pretzel necklace gift for teen girl

Clocky Alarm Clock on Wheels 

There’s no one who likes sleep more than your teenager, so give her a fun alarm clock that won’t let her snooze too long.

clocky rolling alarm clock gift for teenage girls

Parisienne Pencil Case

Give her a chic pouch for her No. 2’s, since classic pencils are a must-have in school, even in the modern age of gadgets and laptops.

parisienne leather zip pouch gift for stylish teen girls

Good Morning Gorgeous Throw Pillow

The biggest gift you hope to give your teen is confidence, so give her a stylishly sweet pillow with a daily reminder that she’s beautiful.

good morning gorgeous throw pillow gift for teen girl

Ceramic Incense Hut 

Incense-burning has come a long way from your teen hippie days, and your teenager will love this modern update on a healing ritual of peace.

ceramic incense hut gift for teen girl

Name a Star 

She’s always been your shining star, so give a twinkly star in space a name that forever shows your love.

name a star unique gift for future scientist teenage girls

School Memory Book 

Even with the dawn of Facebook, a memory book you can hold is as special as a yearbook — and something she’ll treasure when she’s older.

DIY school memories book for teen girls

UGG Women’s Earmuff 

Hats mess up her hair (you just learned), so here’s a warm earmuff from the hip UGG brand that she’ll actually wear when it’s cold outside.

UGG earmuffs gift for trendy teen girl

Personalized Sports Fleece Sweatshirt Blanket

When she’s not playing, she’s on the sidelines cheering for her squad, so give her a personalized blanket that shows off her teen spirit.

personalized sports throw gift for teen athlete

DIY Lip Balm Kit 

Your middle schooler loves making things, and she beelines to the beauty aisle on every shopping trip, so this gift ties it all together in one package.

DIY Lip gloss kit gift for teen girls

Harry Potter Complete 8-Film Collection 

She’s read the J.K. Rowling books, so give her the collection on film and you can watch the classic Harry Potter series together.

Harry Potter movie boxed set gift for teen girls

Selfy Case With Camera Shutter 

Set her up for snapping a fun selfy with friends as her crew makes memories through high school.

iLuv Selfy Case with camera shutter gift for teen girls

Chocolate Chip Cookie Novelty Round Pillow

Cookies are her second love after Justin Bieber, so give her a pillow that’ll be proudly displayed on the bed under her fan posters.

chocolate chip pillow gift for teen girls

Fingerless Texting Gloves 

She’s pretty much addicted to that phone, so make sure her hands stay warm while she’s texting her BFF.

fingerless texting gloves gift for teen girl

Indoor Snowball Fight

Here’s the perfect gift for energetic teens who live in warmer climates — but love a good snowball fight.

indoor snowball fight in a can gift for teen girls

Funny To Do List Pillow

Studies show teens need up to 10 hours of sleep, so let this funny gift serve as a reminder for your nap-loving teenager.

to do list funny throw pillow for teen girls

Polaroid Cube HD Digital Video Camera 

What’s old is cool again, like Polaroid re-packaged as a cubic HD video camera she’ll love discovering under the Christmas tree.

polaroid cube HD camera gift for teen girl

Farm Fresh Spa Experiences Tin 

For a teenage girl who you don’t know well, you can’t go wrong with the gift of spa beauty supplies.

farm fresh spa gift set for eco teen girls

Other Suggestions from uGiftIdeas:

AAA Emergency Roadside Kit 

She’s all grown up with a driver’s license, so give her a sensible roadside kit that preps her for anything, and gives you peace of mind.

LG Pocket Photo Printer 

Your young teen loves to snap pics, and this pocket photo printer is bound to show up at the next slumber party.

360 Degrees Sailcloth Bag 

Sailcloth bags are tough, water-resistant, and super sturdy, which is what any bag needs to be to tote around your teen’s gear.


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