Looking for that perfect Christmas gift for boyfriend ….. and the stress of holiday shopping can take its toll. The overheated department stores…the impatient crowds… those pervy Santas-for-hire, earning overtime pay at the mall (just put your kid on his lap already!)

The last thing any guy or gal needs to deal with is added anxiety about choosing a gift for that special man in your life! Amirite?

With your shopping trials and tribulations in mind, we’ve compiled a special 2014 gift guide. These are, in our opinion, the best holiday gift ideas for your boyfriend or male partner. Ditch those crowds and enjoy perusing our list from the comfort of your own ergonomic desk chair. So. We encourage you to pour yourself a mug of your favorite Christmas-y beverage and relax as you pick out sweet gifts for your special dude.

1. Do you miss the old days? You know, before there was napster, ipods, or MP3 players. If you wax nostalgic for the days when mix tapes were a thing, Mixtape Memory Stick, made by Suck UK, lets you create your own mix “tapes,” but with a contemporary twist. Just add your own tunes to the USB stick,put the stick inside the tape-style pack, write a personalized message or list the playlist tracks, and voila! The MIX TAPE USB drive stores up to 900 minutes of digital music. Perfect for retro boyfriends or any generic hipster person!


2. Are your boyfriend’s keys, wallet and/or phone perpetually MIA? The Wireless Key Finder is guaranteed to beep or page your beloved device that’s gone temporarily missing. Once the buttons on this radio transmitter are programed, the corresponding receiver locates your phone, remote, or missing what-have-you– even up to 60 feet away! Be reunited with belongings that are hidden out of sight or under dirty piles of clothes. After receiving his new wireless key finder, your guy will never again lose the small essentials he values so much!

3. This item from Gift Republic lets you become a Laird or Lady…of a castle in the Scottish Highlands! (Whatever that means). Background info: Scottish landowners are legally entitled to use the title “Laird.” Upon registering this gift you and your special man will own a swath of land on the grounds of Dunans Castle in Scotland. How could you not want to become a Laird or Lady for Christmas this year?

4. The Soundbot Water Resistant Bluetooth Shower Speaker is a totally awesome gift for anybody who showers regularly. Don’t let a little water stop the man in your life from enjoying his favorite sounds while soaking in the tub, lounging poolside, or on a boat! Endowed with universal compatibility, the Soundbot Speaker should work with all your gadgets (assuming they weren’t manufactured during the Reagan Administration). Jackpot!

5. Say goodbye to juggling a bajillion TV remotes and complicated equipment settings. With a vivid colored screen and the ability to control five devices, Harmony 650 will let your boyfriend access TV, movies and music effortlessly.

6. Maybe you don’t want your boyfriend to be disfigured because his iPod earbuds got all tangled on the treadmill. Or perhaps you just want your guy to look more like a secret service agent. The Powerbeats2 wireless earphones is a great gift that can serve both of these purposes. Good choice for audiophiles as well.

7. Game On.
Hands down, this is the coolest combination of old-school gaming-meets-21st century-technology that we’ve ever seen! iPad Foosball provides the perfect combination of real-world, tactile experience and digital enhancement. Simply place your iPad in the foosball tray, open the Classic Match Foosball app on your smartphone, and let the awesomely- digitized-yet-still-kinda-retro games begin! Talk about compromise. Your boyfriend will love rediscovering his addiction to Pong and PacMan.

8. If your boyfriend is sensitive enough to appreciate a thoughtful, homemade gift, then he’ll love reading about your take on his and your own unique love story. Record anecdotes about your relationship worth remembering in this personalized love story book. Even the most stoic of boyfriends will value the effort you put forth in expressing your affection!

9. Tell your man he’s your hero with these Superman Knee-High Socks! Both you and he will agree: these socks accentuate his calves of steel quite beautifully. Not to mention, there are capes. Capes on socks. How cool is that?

10. This Christmas, lift your guy’s “spirits” by getting him a Lab Cocktail Set. This set has everything he needs to create the perfect boozy concoction. Makes a great gift for mixology enthusiasts and occasional cocktail drinkers alike. Your boyfriend is going to love experimenting with different drink recipes.

11. If a helicopter tour is anything, it’s fun and romantic. Enjoy breathtaking views of you and your boyfriend’s favorite city. Your pilot will fly you over notable points of interest, allowing you and your man to view parts of the land that cannot be seen any other way. Sounds like love is in the air this holiday season!

12. Looking for a stocking stuffer for a special someone? Look no further. The What I Love About You by Me Book makes a great keepsake for a lover, a family member, or to whomever else you wish to express affection. The Book features prompts and blank space to write whatever you want. Show off your mushy-gushy eloquence, or get creative and treat the book as if it were one big, racey Mad Lib.

13. There are a ton of homebrewing kits on the market and the Maestro HomeBrew Kit is among the best. The Maestro Kit caters to the novice homebrewer and makes a superb gift for the guy who has always talked about wanting to brew his own beer and just hasn’t gotten around to it yet. Got your heart set on specific taste? The Maestro offers add-on ingredient sets–there are several options to choose from, including Oktoberfest and Belgian ale.

14. The Krups BeerTender ( brought to you by Heineken) is a bro’s dream! Is 24/7 access to Heineken on draft your boyfriend’s idea of heaven? Help him “tap” into cloud nine this holiday season. Cheers!

15. A Personalized Locker Room Print makes a great present for the serious sports fan in your life. Choose from among dozens of NFL, MLB, NHL, and Collegiate teams, and then customize the Locker Room Print with the names of your recipient’s favorite players. What a score!

16. The TrunkIt Gold Gear Organizer is a gem of a gift for golfers. This organizer is spacious enough to fit all of your golfing gear and there are lots of compartments to accommodate tees, shoes, markers…you name it. Lightweight, durable–and affordable to boot–this TrunkIt Organizer is of a quality on par with similar gear organizers that have a much higher price tag.

17. What’s so great about Knock Knock Coupons and Love Tokens? As the people at Knock Knock put it: it’s a simple way to add instantaneous “charm and whimsy” to your relationship–and we couldn’t agree more. The Knock Knock Coupon and Love Tokens, they say, are great for creative couples and predictable (see: BORING SEX LIFE) couples alike. The nice people at Knock Knock claim that with these Coupons and Love Tokens “you can put in minimal effort for maximum love.” Sounds like a lucrative investment, no?

18. Get your guy quantifying his health and wellness with a Fitbit! The Fitbit One has many great attributes, including a detailed sleep tracker to use at night. This is a great gift if you want to motivate your partner to monitor his wellness objectives. Runs on a built-in, rechargeable battery–all you need is a USB cord.

19. If your beau is a scientist or astrophysics nut, he’ll be over the moon to receive this Meteorite Moon Rock Gift from you. Each display box comes with a real fragment sample of lunar meteorite–no joke. This is a unique gift that will remind your partner that you love him to the moon and back.

20. The Sonic Bomb alarm clock is a great present for anyone who thinks they might not wake up come morning. Vibrating Alarm Clock made by Sonic Alert is, to be blunt, LOUD. At 113 decibels, this alarm promises to rattle your windows and send rivers of adrenaline surging through your veins. And if that doesn’t rouse you, the flashing alert lights and “Super Shaker” bed vibrating unit will. It’s a perfect wake-up call if your significant other suffers from hearing loss, or sleeps through alarms all too easily.