Finding an appropriate gift for your coworkers can be tricky. Just because they eat lunch in the cubicle next to you doesn’t necessarily mean you know what makes them tick. This list of 25 gifts for coworkers has something for everyone: the weekend jet-setter, the happy hour organizer, the caffeine addict and the multi tasker. You won’t have to show up empty handed to your Secret Santa exchange because this list has you covered.


Salted Caramels

These caramels are sprinkled with gray sea salt and will be appreciated by the office sweet tooth, but are also sophisticated enough to present to your boss.

salted caramels

Prank Pack Nap Sack Gift Box

Imagine their surprise when they tear off the wrapping paper and find this gag gift box, which you can fill with their real present.

coworker prank gift

Multi-Function Pocket Tools

This set of two credit card-sized multi-tools pack 12 tools on ultra-thin stainless steel and are ideal for your modern-day MacGyver coworker.

wallet tool

Floral 17-Month Planner

Whether your coworker is absentminded or on the ball, this vintage-inspired planner will help them keep track of meetings and day-to-day tasks.

rifle paper floral planner

The Donut Mug

This fun dishwasher- and microwave-safe mug will be the first thing your coworker reaches for when the afternoon slump hits.

donut mug

Leather Growler Carrier

Your craft beer-drinking coworker can use this handmade leather growler carrier to tote their filled growler home after work.

leather growler

Tipsy Wine Glasses

Your coworker won’t know if it’s the wine or the wine glasses that have them tilting their head to inspect these 12 oz. glasses.

Minimalist Key Organizer

Your utilitarian coworker will admire the sleek design of this minimalist key organizer, which holds up to ten keys.

key organizer

Waxed Lunch Bag

Your coworker won’t have to brown bag it to work anymore with this durable waxed canvas lunch bag.

 waxed lunch bag

The PenUltimate 7-in-1 Pen

Your gadget-obsessed coworker will love this versatile pen, which conceals screwdrivers, rules and even a level.

ultimate pen

Filtering Water Bottle

This stylish water bottle contains a binchotan filter, which naturally reduces chlorine and balances the pH, giving its recipient another reason to gather around the water cooler.

filtering water bottle

Liquid Plastic Welder

This portable, pocket-sized liquid plastic welder safely bonds, fills and even rebuilds missing pieces, like the broken tchotchkes on your coworker’s desk.

plastic cord welding kit

Martha Stewart’s Encyclopedia of Crafts

Your crafty, DIY-obsessed coworker will devour this tome by Martha Stewart, who was the original Pinterest.

crafting dictionary

Bluetooth Tracking Tag

Your absentminded coworker won’t be scrambling to find their keys anymore with this chic Bluetooth tracking tag, which utilizes a free downloadable app.

bluetooth tracking device

Personalized Beer Birthday Mug – Vintage Classic

This hefty 25 oz. glass mug, which features a deep-etched name and birth date of your choice, will have your coworker raising a toast to you this holiday season.

personalized beer mug

Fishing Multi-Tool

Whether your coworker is a fishing fanatic or just tells fish tales, this fishing multi-tool contains everything they need to safely fillet and clean that big one on shore.

gift for fishermen

Black Cat Headphones

As long as you don’t call her a crazy cat lady, your coworker will purr when she receives these headphones covered in crocheted black cat ears.

cat ear headphones

Create Your Own Desk Organizer

You can customize this three-compartment desk organizer for your coworker with photos, artwork or text.

custom photo pen cup

60 Hour Candle

They might not admit it, but everyone loves candles, especially this stylish, coiled beeswax one that burns for 60 hours.

unique steampunk candle

Catepillar Bud Vase

Help your coworker bring a little life to their desk with this unique six-bubble bud vase.

bud vases

Man Grooming Can

This all-natural grooming kit contains unscented shea cream, lip moisturizer and goat milk soap, all of which will help your plaid-wearing coworker preen a little bit more.

hipster guy gifts

Whiskey Tasting Set

It doesn’t matter if your coworker slams shots of Tennessee whiskey or sips single malts, this whisk(e)y tasting set will help them discern what exactly they like in their poison of choice.

whiskey lover gifts

Device Cases

These uprecycled iPad and eReader cases are made in the United States and will get two thumbs up from your eco-conscious coworker.

recycled ipad or phone cases

Segmented Travel Bag

Whether they’re traveling for business or pleasure, your jet-setting coworker can easily keep their belongings organized in this ultra light nylon segmented travel bag.

outdoorsy gifts

Island Jerk “Bob Marley” Beef Jerky

This small-batch jerk-seasoned beef jerky is perfect for the coworker who always has a drawer filled with snacks.

bob marley jerky

Looking for more gifts for coworkers? We have a ton more to choose from!