Christmas time with a new boyfriend is simply dreamy. You take those long, meandering evening drives, sipping hot chocolate and looking at Christmas lights. You have a surefire date to every holiday cocktail party. You dive into flirty snowball fights and afterwards snuggle up next to the fireplace. And you finally have somebody special to shop for who’s not a relative. You’ve been longing for this for years and now – oh wait. This might be more difficult than you imagined. The ‘new’ in new boyfriend can be tricky. Do you want lightly affectionate or do you want intimate? Is it love or just really, really like? Should you convey cool aloof girlfriend or devoted partner for life? Think about it for a few minutes, and then look through these 25 Christmas gifts for your new boyfriend, to discover the perfect gift that says just what you want it to.


ARCA Constellation Tie

A delicately studded night sky with a custom constellation, or astrological sign, of your choice on a finely crafted, Brooklyn made silk tie makes this gift literally written in the stars!

arca constellation tie for boyfriend

Wine Puzzle – Wooden Brain Teaser 

Put a nice bottle of wine in here and you’ve got a fun and thoughtful – but not too committed – gift.

wine puzzle gift for boyfriend

Drives of a Lifetime 

In addition to being a beautiful book, this will help you two plan your first amazing and memorable road trip of, hopefully, many.

amazing road trips book for new boyfriend

Perplexus – Epic 

Ignore the 8+ on the box; all ages get sucked in by this. You, your boyfriend, some Chinese take-out and this gift: consider your evening planned.


Sex Panther Cologne from Anchorman 

If you both love the movie Anchorman (and we assume you wouldn’t be together if you didn’t), get this hilarious-but-surprisingly-pleasant cologne.

funny cologne gift for new boyfriend sex panther

Star Wars Vehicles Patent Wall Art 

If he suggested the new Star Wars movie for your first date, he will love this.

star wars patent gift for the new boyfriend who loves star wars

Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker 

With all those dinners out and movies in, new relationships sometimes bring new pounds – but you can subtly ward them off with this.

fitbit fitness tracker gift for new boyfriend

Sexy Coupon Book

Show him your cheeky side with this playful coupon book – but read each page carefully before you decide to give it to him!

sexy coupon book sexy gift for new boyfriend

Helicopter Tours 

This one will definitely raise the bar (and the altitude, ba-dum-bum)) on what makes a fabulous date.

helicopter ride gift for new boyfriend

Try Something New: Couples Edition – Activities and Date Ideas for Adults 

You don’t have your own traditions yet, but you don’t want to rely on cliché dates; this book will guide you through the murky phase.

couple activity book gift for boyfriend

Dollar Bill Toilet Paper 

If he’s getting a little too serious a little too quickly, slow things down a notch with some cheap toilet humor.

money toilet paper funny gift for your new boyfriend

Around The World Beer Bucket 

Your only decision is whether to enjoy this bucket with your new boyfriend or to let him work his way through it with a buddy.

beer bucket gift for new boyfriend

Dinner of the Month Club 

Show him your commitment to this relationship with three months of Italian dinner experiences.

dinner of the month club for new boyfriend

Bacon Pops Gourmet Savory Lollipops

You like him and he likes you but you’re not sure how much, so put the focus on something else he likes: bacon and candy.

lollypops for the guy who loves bacon and a great gift for your new boyfriend

Personalized Love Story – Hard Cover

If he hasn’t said “I love you” yet, you might want to choose something else. But if he’s all in, here’s your chance to show that you are too.

personalized reasons why I love you book gift for new boyfriend

Giant 1-Pound Snickers Bar 

If things are so new you aren’t even sure if he’s a boyfriend yet, give him the giant Snickers. If he shares it with you, he’s yours to keep.

giant snickers bar candy gift for new boyfriend

Say I Love You Couple Pillowcases 

He keeps one at his place, you keep one at yours, and every night you remember how much you heart each other.

sentimental booty call pillow cases for your new boyfriend

Ugly Christmas Sweater

Because he’s so good looking he can pull this off.

funny christmas sweater gift for new boyfriend

Love Coupon Book 

If you like the coupon book idea, but you’re more comfortable with sunset picnics than strip poker, have a look at this version.

prudent love coupons for new boyfriend

Sony PlayStation Vita 

You want to bring him everywhere, and he wants to stay home and play videogames. This mobile PlayStation will keep everybody happy.

sony playstation vita gift for your new boyfriend

Razor Blade Sharpener 

The best way to protect your own face during that new-relationship smoochin’ is to keep his face nice and smooth.

razorpit razor gift for new boyfriend

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