Finding the perfect Christmas gift for your boss isn’t a problem that tech support can solve. Luckily, we’re here with solutions to set you up for success. Keep in mind that you want to steer clear of personal gifts or anything too fancy that can label you a suck-up. Here are 25 gifts for bosses that show appreciation for the one in charge, including a few big gifts that co-workers can go in on. That’s right, we scouted something unique to impress every kind of boss so you can just focus on doing an awesome job.



















Like a Wine Boss 

Uncork some humor with this wine box that shows you know who’s the boss, then add a serious bottle of vino as a group gift from you and your colleagues.

like a boss gift for your boss

Donuts and Coffee Milk Chocolate Bar

This wowzer chocolate bar is sure to be a win for the boss who loves doughnuts and coffee at morning meetings.

donut flavored chocolate

Self-Watering Planter

Anyone can have a green thumb with this transparent planter that waters itself, even if your boss is away on business.

self watering planter

3-D Brainteaser Puzzle 

Give the whiz boss who loves a good puzzle a set of mindbenders that look stylish, too.

3D puzzle for boss

Hand Cell Phone Holder 

This mod desk accessory keeps the smartphone in sight for a boss who’s lightning-fast with typing texts.

hands cell phone holder

Stylus, Tool, Ballpoint Pen

Play it safe with a gadget gift for the boss that’s simply useful.

stylish stylus and pen

What If? Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questions

Here’s a book for the ever-curious boss who delights in a good conversation ‘round the water cooler.

funny book for boss

Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker 

Your boss loves to work out, so give a fun fitness gadget that does it all: track steps, distance, and calories burned with an app for staying on top of stats to reach goals.


USB Drink Warmer

For the boss who’s always sipping on coffee by the computer, this oh-so-useful device tells time, warms your drink, and adds four USB ports of power.

usb hub cup warmer

Placemat Lunch Bag

For the germophobic boss, this neoprene lunch bag unzips into a placemat that protects food from icky desk germs and keeps crumbs off the desk.

lunch bag that turns into a placemat

AutoExec Car Desk 

Some work requires you to always be on the move, so give your boss an organized way to work from the car.

car passenger desk

Mug With a Hoop

Here’s the perfect mug for the boss who can’t wait for March Madness.

basketball gift for boss

Holiday Tea and Mug Set 

Your boss loves the best of the best, so give a tea that’s steeped in praise.

holiday themed tea set for boss

Define Water Bottle 

Get cred for being in-the-know by gifting a reusable water bottle that’s sustainable, sturdy, beautiful, and creates flavorful fruit-infused water.

infused water sport bottle

Personalized Wood Luggage Tag 

The jetsetter boss will appreciate a laser-engraved wood tag for luggage (just be sure to get the spelling right!).

custom eco luggage tag

Sterling Silver Hammer Cufflinks 

You and your team have been hearing all about your boss’s weekend projects at home, so give a group gift that’s ideal for the boss who moonlights as a handyman.

hammer cufflinks

Candy Magic Candy Dispenser 

Your boss generously doles out treats for the crew, so give a stylish way to dispense sweets for afternoon cravings (and include your boss’s favorite candy).

desktop candy dispenser

Hand Crank Back-Up Power

Sometimes the most practical gift is the most well-received, like back-up power for all those times when the phone charger gets left behind.

hand crank charger

One Acre of Land on the Moon 

Give your boss a legit piece of land on the moon and your gift is sure to be the talk of the office.

moon land for sale

Men’s E-Tip Gloves 

The bitter cold won’t stop your boss from checking his phone nonstop, so these touchscreen gloves may be the most-used gift of the season.

touchscreen gloves

Prescription Coffee Mug 

If you and your boss joke about your addiction to caffeine, this coffee mug is sure to get a laugh.

funny coffee mug for boss

Pocket Photo Printer

Your boss also wears the title of proud parent, so give an instant way to print those favorite family photos.

pocket printer

Everyday Journal

The workday is full of meetings, so give her the prettiest blank book for jotting down notes.


Rip-Stop Anchorpak Bag 

Here’s the perfect solution for the boss who’s always toting stuff back and forth to the office.

reflective tote bag

Takenaka Bento Box 

Your boss already whips together better-than-average lunches, so give a chic container that stands out in the office fridge.

rad bento box

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