There are three types of gifts for grandfathers: something covered in pictures of his grand kids, something to do with his grand kids, or something he can enjoy when the grand kids aren’t around. He’s a man with varied interests, decades of experience, and the wisdom to slow down and enjoy the world (and people) around him. No matter which type of gift you want to give your grandfather this year, we have something he’s going to love in this list of 25 gift ideas for grandfathers.


Dawn Redwood Bonsai Forest 

Calming to cultivate and beautiful to look at, this bonsai kit is perfect for any grandfather needing an excuse to relax.

dawn redwood bonsai forest gift for grandfather

Personalized BBQ Grill Utensil Set

If your grandfather is the grill master, you might as well make it official by engraving his name on the BBQ tools.

personalized grilling tools gift for grandfather

Password Safe 

When you hold more than half a century’s worth of memories and wisdom in your mind, it’s nice to have something else keep track of your passwords.

password keeper gift for grandfather

New York Times Custom Birthday Book 

This thoughtful gift will take your grandfather on a meaningful journey through key events of his lifetime.

new york times custom birthday book gift for grandfather

Custom Name Monogram Golf Balls 

Class up your grandfather’s golf game and ensure all his golf balls get returned to their rightful owner.

custom name monogrammed golf balls gift for grandfather

The Grandfather T-Shirt

The perfect t-shirt for Grandfathers who know – and we’re paraphrasing here – that a man who spends time with his family is a real man.

the grandfatherfunny tee shirt gift for grandfathers

Ride Shotgun In A Stock Car

Rev up your motorhead grand dad with a high-octane ride in a real stock car with a professional driver that will reach speeds of up to 150mph! Available in cities across America.

stock car ride gift for grandfather

Soup & Cracker Mugs (set of 2)

Grandpa will agree: those cold post-Christmas months don’t look nearly so dreary with this clever pair of mugs.

soup and crackers mug gift for grandfather

Candy Magic Candy Dispenser

Maybe it’s time to bring your grandfather’s secret sweet tooth out into the open. Tip: quietly find out his favorite candy and fill this before you wrap it.

desktop candy dispenser gift for grandfather

Rustic Elevated Garden Bed 

Your grandfather will be thrilled to realize gardening no longer has to involve all that uncomfortable squatting.

elevated garden bed gift for grandfather who likes to grow stuff

Great Dads Get Promoted To Grandpa Classic White Coffee Mug

Whether he’s been one for years or is about to become a grandpa for the first time, this sweet mug celebrates both of his biggest roles.

great dads get promoted to grandpa mug gift for grandfathers

Three Man Chess 

No longer does the family have to argue over who gets to play chess with Grandpa. Three can play at once!

three person chess game gift for grandfathers

Electric Wine Bottle Opener

He can turn the opening of a wine bottle into an impressive (and easy) event with this electric wine bottle opener.

electric wine bottle opener gift for granddad

Grandparent & Grandchild Letter Book Set

Bring the generations closer together with this precious book, filled with prompts and 40 cards for letter exchanges.

keepsake letter writing kit gift for grandfather

Minimalist Clock & Calendar

This clock serves many needs, from failing eyesight to memory issues, but it also just looks cool.

easy read clock gift for grandfathers

Smart Key 

This smart key does a lot, but we think Grandpa’s favorite feature will be the sound emitted when he’s trying to find his key ring.

smart key key finder gift for grandfather

Personalized Name Photo Collage Frame – Loving Them 

Whether he’s Grandpa, Pop Pop, Opa or Gramps, show him the love this Christmas with a collage made out of his name.

personalized name photo collage gift for granddad

Samsung Smart WiFi Camera

He enjoys taking pictures and he’s willing to go digital, but transferring images can be so frustrating. Grandpa will LOVE this wireless solution.

samsung digital camera gift for granddad

Personalized “Center for Exceptional Grandchildren” Doormat 

Your grandfather has always known it, but now he can tell everyone who comes to his front door.

custom doormat for grandfather

 Cigar of the Month Club – 3 Months 

You know your grandfather loves cigars, but you know nothing about cigars – so just let someone else choose them for you.

cigar of the month club gift for grandfather

Golf Cheese Board and Tool Set 

He loves golf, but he also loves a good hunk of cheese with a side of olives. It turns out grandfathers can have it all.

golf cheese board and tool set gift for grandfather

John Wayne On Horseback Cold-Cast Bronze Sculpture

Most men of a certain age – and your grandfather is probably one of them – agree that the Duke is worthy of being commemorated in cold-cast bronze.

john wayne bronze sculpture gift for grandfather

Personalized Silver Pocket Watch With Engraved Monogram

Customized with a monogram and message, this pocket watch is stylish, practical and reminiscent of another time – just like your grandfather.

engraved pocket watch gift for grandfather

UGG Men’s Slip On Slippers 

If slippers seem like a hackneyed grandfather gift, you’ve just never found the right ones. These UGGs take comfy feet to a new level.

UGG slippers gift for grandfather

Birdcage Umbrellas by Fulton

Lovely brolly, guv’nor! Your grandfather will relish strolls in the rain with this beautifully engineered, transparent and sturdy birdcage umbrella.

birdcage umbrella gift for grandfather

Fishing Multi-Tool 

He has to catch the fish, but this multi-tool does just about everything else and (thankfully, when things get slippery) it floats.

fishing multi-tool gift for grandfather

eTape16: Digital Tape Measure

This digital display measuring tape means DIY projects don’t have to stop just because his eyes aren’t as sharp as they used to be.

electronic tape measure gift for grandfather

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