We recently conducted a gift giving survey of more than 1,300 Americans with a household income of $50,000/yr or more to explore areas of gift giving that usually go missed in traditional surveys on holiday shopping. Well, it worked! We learned so many surprising tid bits that we had to put out a press release on the 10 Hidden Secrets of Gift Giving. But, after picking 10 stats to highlight in the press release, we felt like there were still so many more worth sharing. Hence, this blog post. Read on to learn 23 things about gift giving that you probably never knew before and that will hopefully make you a better gift shopper, gift giver and gift “getter”.

surprising facts about gift giving

So, here is the extended list of…

23 Surprising Facts About Gift Giving

More men than women think money and luxury makes the holiday season feel most special.

Contrary to what you might think, Men like to treat themselves to a little luxury during the holidays more than women. In fact, almost 30% of men (27.87%) responded that treating themselves to a little luxury makes the holiday season feel most special. Only 20.53% of women said the same.

And, 17.7% of men said that getting a holiday bonus made their holidays feel most special, while only 10.51% of women agreed.

Grandparents are the new big spenders but grandpas need to brush up on their shopping skills.

Sorry Grandpa, grandfathers are least likely to give the best gift of the season. 0.17% of respondents named their grandfather as most likely to give the best gift. They were at the bottom of the list, even below co-workers. The good news is that it’s only up from here!

Your mother knows you best.

In our survey, moms were third most-likely to give the best gift. They know you better than anyone else whether you care to admit it or not.

But, hold on, daughters were the next best gift givers.

Although moms and daughters are up there; husbands and wives take the cake (24.5% and 21.96% respectively) as the best gift givers with a total of 46.46% saying so. There’s something to be said for love after all, and all of those years of getting to know each other.

Gift giving is no laughing matter. 

Turns out gift givers don’t have a sense of humor, either. Only 2.01% said that they consider themselves “silly” gift givers. We don’t know about you, but we still love a good laugh and think that funny gifts are worth the punch line.

In fact, it’s really hard. 

Wives and Dads are hardest to shop for so we suggest putting them first on your shopping list.

Husbands and moms followed, then, wait for it…brothers! How can we help make finding gifts for your fussy brother easier? With a list that’s coming soon.

Christmas gift giving is not just about spending money. 

Take that holiday haters…58.79% of our survey respondents said that gift giving makes their relationships more meaningful.

Gift giving is more practical than anything else.  

Maybe there’s a turning of the tides among women shoppers. The majority (36.45%) consider themselves PRACTICAL gift givers! Runners up were Sentimental (22%) and Off-beat (18.88%)

Interestingly, men are right in line with the ladies considering themselves Practical gift givers above all else (39.74%) with runners up of Off-beat (14.31%) and Sentimental (14.12%)

Grandma’s purse got bigger.

Grandparents are the new holiday power spenders with 66.56% spending $100 or more per grandchild! Maybe it’s because they’re working later in life and have more expendable income.

Aunties and Uncles are reeling in their spending.

Pre-recession, aunts and uncles were looked at as serious economic power houses during the holidays. Well, that is no more. 62.56% of aunts and uncles said they plan to spend less than $100 per niece or nephew. It’s a good thing grandparents have stepped up to spoil the little ones.

Holiday budgeting is a bust.

Of those who responded a whopping 44.18% said that they don’t set a holiday shopping budget at all!

Setting a budget doesn’t mean sticking to it, either. 23.27% said that they set a budget and still go over between $100 and $500.

Gift giving is (stressful) work.

The majority (36.7%) of people surveyed actually find the pressure of finding the right gift a little time consuming but fun overall. Good for them! We’re here for you.

A surprising 11% of men skip buying gifts altogether because of stress related procrastinating. That’s sad and we want to help!

And, 5% of respondents said that they overspend because they get stressed about gift shopping. Talk about throwing money at the problem. We don’t know for sure, but maybe that’s why grandparents are spending so much on their grand kids?

It’s all about You, no wait, Me, when you’re shopping for gifts.

It turns out that what about 25% of people want you to think about most when buying them a gift is your own budget!

Just about everyone else (53.77%) want you to think about their hobbies and interests first and foremost.

Leave work out of it, please!

No one really wants a gift related to their work. Well, almost no one. 0.06% of people asked actually want you to get a gift that reflects their profession so steer clear if you want to give a stellar gift.

Now you can take your new found knowledge and apply it by getting started on your holiday shopping early, with a budget, starting with your impossible brother and your dad and your wife. And, call your grandparents, and your mom because they’re going to give you the best gifts this year if you do. Happy gifting!