There’s no doubt about it: finding the perfect Christmas gift for Mom can be tricky, even if you’re a real sleuth! For this year’s holiday season, we want to make it a cinch for you to show Mom how much you care. Go ahead and explore our holiday gift ideas, all of which are guaranteed to make your mother smile. There’s something for every mother on this list—we promise! Happy gifting..

1. Pillow Stand for iPad

Perhaps your mom is super tech-savvy, or maybe she’s only receiving her very first tablet for Christmas this year. Either way, the IPEVO Pillow Stand makes a wonderful maternal stocking stuffer. This iPad stand is a practical holiday gift and one that your mother will use all the time! Sturdy enough to function as a makeshift desk, yet soft enough to use comfortably in your bed or on your lap, the IPEVO Pillow Stand is compatible with most tablets, including the iPad mini, iPad 4, iPad 3, iPad 2, iPad 1, Nexus, and Galaxy.



2. Bathtub Caddy

If your mom’s favorite body of water is her bathtub, she’ll absolutely love the Umbra Aquala Bathtub Caddy. Fashioned out of bamboo and stainless steel, the Umbra Caddy’s minimalistic design and modern aesthetic exudes a clean, stylish look. This bathtub caddy has it all: a book prop, a no-slip soap dish, and a special wine glass holder. A treat for your mom!



3. Fruit Infusion Water Bottle

Give your Mom a Fruitfused Fruit Infusion Water Bottle and she’ll never buy Vitamin Water again! Show your moms some love by giving her the gift of hydration; she’ll have a ball trying out different flavor concoctions. Constructed of eco-friendly and shatterproof polycarbonate, this gift isn’t just refreshing—it’s extremely well-made, too.


4. Table Kitchen Mount

Your Mom deserves the very best and the CTA Digital 2-In-1 Kitchen Mount is the best combination tablet mount/stand on the market. If your Mom is a domestic goddess, she’ll love how the CTA Mount displays the latest recipe she’s cooking up. Is Chinese takeout more her style? She’ll love how the CTA Kitchen Mount leaves her hands-free, which gives her the freedom to unpack the sesame noodles all the while watching her favorite show on Hulu—without getting grease on the screen!



5. Portable Lipstick Charger

Does the sub-par battery life of your mom’s cell phone leave her feeling drained and frustrated (not to mention incommunicado)? The RAVPower portable charger is a gift whose utility she’ll truly adore. Best of all, it fits conveniently on a keychain, or inside the smallest of purses. Never again will your mother fret and stress after forgetting to charge her iPhone!



6. Apron Guide

For a mom who lives to cook and bake, the SUCK UK Apron Guide is a must-have for the holidays! This apron makes it a cinch to adjust recipe sizes, or convert grams to ounces. A brilliant gift indeed. As long as she’s sporting this apron, your mom will never, ever need a calculator while she’s working her magic in the kitchen.



7. What I Love About Mom Book

Give your mom a gift that’s rich with sentiment– because it’s the thought that counts, right? The Knock Knock What I Love About Mom Fill-In-The Blank Journal provides a special space for you to express your love and gratitude, and your mom can re-read and cherish this special keepsake for years to come. The pocket-sized book features prompts and sentence starters to help you start writing.



8. Keg Tapping Kit

If your family likes to host cookouts, or if your mom enjoys entertaining in any capacity, the Fruit Keg Tapping Kit is one cool gift! The Keg Tapping Kit, what with its unique presentation, will surely impress the guests at your next party. It’s a fact: beverages taste better when dispensed from a giant melon.



9. Face Mug

Face Mugs make cute gifts for the mothers out there who are avid coffee, tea, or hot cocoa drinkers. What better way to serve milk with cookies, or bagels with coffee? As your mom will learn, the nook of each Face Mug is the perfect spot for stowing extra marshmallows to put in your cup of hot chocolate.



10. Ultimate Wine Glass

Half gag-gift, half truth, the Ultimate Wine Glass made by Big Mouth Toys is a humorous present for a mom who loves her wine. The Ultimate Wine Glass is a great stocking stuffer gift—no refills needed! Be prepared: your mom might not admit readily how practical the Ultimate Wine Glass is…until it lasts her through Christmas dinner, that is.



11. Color Changing Mug

Nowadays, it’s so easy to personalize gifts with your own photos. The Multi Photo Color Changing Mug will be your mom’s favorite new receptacle for enjoying hot beverages. Plus, the heat-sensitive images are a nice touch. Don’t be surprised if other members of your family say that they, too, want a mug!



12. Filigree Heart Charm Bracelet

If you want to give your mother a truly meaningful gift for the holidays, a Sentiment Bracelet is a suitable choice. Personalize the piece by engraving the filigree heart charm with your Mom’s initials, and then add decorative beads of your choosing, featuring words like “mother,” “love,” and “friend.”



13. Story Of A Lifetime

Story Of A Lifetime is a memoir that doubles as a tool for reflection, discovery, and recording your family history! Use this gift to mark family milestones and traditions; the book is a great way to start a family heirloom. All mothers will appreciate “Story of a Lifetime,” which honors the specialness of family.



14. Meditation Box

With this Meditation Box, you can remind your mom of the ephemeral and transitory nature of life. Help her get rid of all stress and negative energy this holiday season!



15. Luxurious Hammock

Gift your mom this luxurious hammock and…presto! Watch her take a load off and relax in style. Comfortable and durable, the Cotton Hammock will surely have your mom dreaming of a warm summer breeze…even if it’s still December.



16. Redwood Tree-to-be Kit

The Dawn Redwood Tree-to-be Kit makes a wonderful gift for the moms out there with a green thumb. Moms who are newcomers to gardening will like the Tree Growing Kit, too, as the Kit provides the exact materials needed to make growing greens simple. A unique, project-oriented Christmas gift that any tree-hugging or DIY mom will definitely appreciate!



17. Glass Memory Lockey

Sure, it’s a pretty necklace, but the coolest part about the Glass Memory Locket? It lets the wearer keep personal keepsakes close to her heart. Your mom can affix the locket with her favorite family photo, or fill the glass heart with materials or small tokens if she’s feeling creative. A beautiful Christmas keepsake.



18. Wine Preserver

Finally, your mom can enjoy her favorite wines 24/7– no more waiting for a special occasion to pop the cork. Gone are the days when your mom worried about half a merlot going bad. With her new Wine Preserver, your mother’s vino is guaranteed to sustain its flavor and keep fresh for up to a week! Bonus points: it’s BPA-free and has a spill-proof seal.



19. Personalized Message Candles

Looking to add a bit of ambiance to your surroundings? Candles are a great way to bring warmth and coziness into your home around the holidays. If you’re totally flummoxed when it comes to buying Mom a Christmas present, don’t be. Your mother will be delighted with this candle keepsake and the way it instantly illuminates a room. Slow to burn, this hand-carved monogram candle exudes a warm glow whenever lit. Add a personalized message and–voila!–it’s time to shine a light on your mom.



20. Personalized Bracelet

20. A personalized gold bracelet makes a splendid gift for your mom (we’re pretty certain she’ll think this chunk of bling is sublime). This unique piece of jewelry is a great way to show the woman who brought you into this world just how much you appreciate her. For Christmas this year, make sure your mom knows that she’ll always be in your heart.



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