Finding the right birthday present for Mommy Dearest can be tricky! Shopping for Ma is a difficult task for sure. But that is the task. Believe it or not, you CAN get her something she’ll love–you just gotta get a little creative. To simplify things, we’ve compiled a bunch of gift ideas for you. Whether you choose to gift an item on this list, or merely use it for inspiration, consider it a cheat sheet to show Mom how much you care. On this list there’s a gift befitting every mother goose—we promise. As Mario and Luigi say, Mama, Mia!

1. The best way to tell your Mom you love her to the moon and back? Buy her an acre of moonland! She’ll appreciate the sentiment and hey–who wouldn’t want a plot of moon to call their own?


2. Cloud8Living has all the spa treatments and services a mother could want. Deep-tissue massage? Check. Seaweed facial? Check. Ask your Mom what her preferred package is (the site offers several combos).


3. If you’re not one for words, this journal makes a great gift. For kids who have a tough time expressing their love verbally, a book like this one is a sweet way to convey how much you care. Your Mom will treasure it for years to come.


4. Of course your Mom remembers the day you were born. Personalize this plaque with information about your birth date: the day of the week, who was president, all the fun facts. Your Mom had a lot going on that day, so she’ll appreciate reliving the ins and outs of the day she welcomed you into the world.


5. If your Mom likes wine and receiving mail (who doesn’t?), she’ll adore a Wine Of The Month Club subscription. Treat your Mom with a membership. Each month she’ll look forward to tasting craft wines from vineyards all over the globe. What a genius idea!


6. If your mother loves a homemade gift, she’ll smile upon receiving this little book of prompts. Remind your Mom that you’ll never forget how she consoled you that time you fell off the family swing set, or when she taught you how to drive as a teenager. For a little gift, this booklet packs a lot of sentiment. Best of all, the book doubles as a tool for reflection, discovery, and recording your family history!


7. For the fish-loving mom, this self-cleaning aquarium is perfect. Get your Mom that Beta Fish or mini-sea turtle she’s always wanted…and make sure she knows that no cleaning is necessary! She can enjoy her little sea creatures without the mess. That, my friends, is a gift in itself.


8. For Mom, you can personalize a piece of art…with your voice! Remember how Mom used to hang your nursery school finger painting masterpieces on the fridge? Consider voice canvas art the adult version of a finger painted gift. Your newest creative masterpiece comes pre-stretched. Framed options are available for customization, too.


9. Moms love things with sentimental value. Moms love wine. Why not combine the two? Honor your mother by awarding her this “World’s Greatest Mom” prize. Take advantage of the custom engraving to include a sweet note along with the year you were born. Insert her favorite bottle of vintage vino and presto! You’ve got yourself a winning gift.


10. Your Mom is timeless. Your Mom never goes out of style. She would’ve made a great Mom in the 1930s. Or even the 1420s. In 1066–or just 66! Celebrate your Ma with this unique necklace. Its simplistic design is classic and the circular pendant symbolizes the lifelong bond you guys share. Your Mom is sure to cherish this piece of jewelry, so don’t be surprised if she starts wearing it every day.


11. Let’s face it: your mom loves being pampered, but she’s too busy to give herself TLC on a regular basis. With this basket of lotions and products, you can treat your mom to an at-home DIY spa experience. Give the woman a day off from maternal duties–tell her to soak her stress away. The gift basket of luxury bath and body goodies is topped off with a bottle of wine, for good measure.


12. Give your mom a gift rich with sentiment; it’s the thought that counts, right? A mother-daughter letter set facilitates correspondence that mothers and daughters can save, re-read, and appreciate in the years to come. A stationary set like this one provides a space for you to express your love and gratitude for your mom. You’ll warm your mother’s heart whenever she re-reads your notes to her. If you want to give your mother a truly meaningful gift, this is it.


13. Sure it’s a pretty little box , but the coolest part about this vintage glass jewelry box is how it lets your Mom keep her favorite rings and personal tokens together in one place. The box contains a photo slot, so your Mom can affix the box with her favorite family picture if she wants, or, if she’s feeling creative, she can fill the glass heart with other decorative materials or notes. This jewelry box is beautiful and looks elegant atop any dresser or night table.


14. Nature-loving Moms will adore these earrings and their unique floral design. How pretty! You can customize the earrings with your mother’s “birth month flower”–so there are a dozen different versions from which to choose. Real flower petals–sourced from around the world are preserved beneath the glass of each pair. What a colorful accessory!


15. The gift that keeps on giving! Engineered to burn its wax most efficiently, this candle is like your home’s own little Eternal Light. Mom wants to add some ambiance to her candlelit dinner? It’ll keep burning. Post-hurricane power outage? It’ll keep burning. Mom wants the bathroom to be more glowy? It’ll keep burning. Burn, baby, burn.


16. What an attractive tote bag. The Sydney Love Reversible Tote Bag is fashioned out of grade-A vegan leather and fits all your stuff. The tote’s versatility makes it a perfect ‘everyday’ bag, as it’s great for work, or school, or an adult sleepover at your lover’s place. Riddle me this: what’s bright and good-looking and carries your belongings? This tote bag. Also, my future significant other.


17. It’s like bluetooth, but for your hair. This hands-free blow dryer from AirPhysics is genius! The dryer can be situated on any hard surface, leaving your hands free to brush and style your locks. It’s great, too, for chronic multi-taskers and people who are physically disabled. Blowdrying her hair–what was once a chore–is now your Mom’s favorite activity!


18. A scrapbook, a Hallmark card, and a personal diary had a lovechild, and this letter book is it. It’s a tangible gift, and an experience as well: you’ll get some bonding time in with your Mom as you two chronicle favorite family stories and photographs. Quite a thoughtful gift.


19. No matter how organized your handbag is, it turns into an abyss whenever you’re digging for your chapstick, or trying to answer your ringing phone. Not anymore. This bag light, equipped with a motion detector, illuminates even the most blackholey of purses. Shine a light, find your keys. Preemptively save your Mom from the lipstick-and-eyeliner mix up, and she won’t walk out of a movie theater with kohl smeared across her face.


20. Your mother isn’t just a mom…she’s also a mentor, a teacher, and the world’s best hugger. The nesting birds perched on this necklace symbolize all of those roles, not to mention they look real cute, too. The necklace chain falls just below the collarbone, a stylish length that’s really flattering.