Grandparents. They raised your Mom or Dad. They’re old and oftentimes, wise. They probably live in Florida. If yours are still around, Grandparents Day is an excuse to celebrate how awesome they are. Nana and Papa won’t live forever. So, show ’em some love.

1. People get sentimental as they get older. The good news about Grandma feeling sappy? Your grandparents’ lovey-dovey mood means they’ll be delighted to receive a family photo collage. Now go ahead and repurpose all your selfies.

Personalized Name Photo Collage Frame

2. Nothing beats reminiscing with your family. Print special anniversary dates, family birthdays, and names on this canvas hanging. Grandma and Grandpa can kick it old school as they trade memories and recall happy milestones and occasions.

Memory Lane Collage

3. These walking poles are well-suited for all the fit and sprightly octogenarians out there. These babies are a gift that’ll keep your elders active for years to come. If your grandparents are outdoorsy, they’ll love receiving some new gear.

walking poles

4. Gifting this book is a clever way to share and record your family history. Part time-capsule, part heirloom, the letters compiled in this gift book set keep on giving. Grandparents will enjoy its interactive quality for the bonding time it creates.

Grandparent & Grandchild Letter Book Set

5. Grandma used to shake what your Great-grandma gave her, back during the days of the Coolidge administration. She never told you? It’s best to wait until she’s had a couple glasses of wine before asking.

Personalized Polaroid Canvas

6. You’ve probably asked yourself, “Are my grandparents flammable?” Some questions are better left unanswered. Your grandparents will love this candle, and you can be sure it won’t burn down their assisted-living community.

60-Hour Candle

7. Chronicle your family stories and tales of woe. Because twenty years from now, your unborn children will be happy to know that, yes, their family has always been this dysfunctional.

My Life Story - So Far

8. A good night’s sleep is essential, but difficult to come by as you get older. This clock makes a practical gift for your grandparents, who deserve nothing short of sweet dreams.

Sunrise Simulation Wake-Up Clock

9. Your family: love ’em or hate ’em, this gift doubles as a daily reminder that you’re genetically related to some ridiculous human beings.

Personalized Family Tree Canvas Wall Art

10. Your grandparents: they’re no Mark Zuckerberg when it comes to technology. Don’t mock them and consider yourself lucky if they use email. Better yet. save your elders hours of iPhoto frustration–a framed family photo makes a meaningful gift.

Personalized Picture Frames

11. This frame is an excellent way to express that special connection you have with your Grandma. Guaranteed she will love this frame and the way it captures the lifelong relationship she has with you.

Life Story Frame

12. This digital picture frame is basically a robot, it’s so high-tech. Seriously. Let the G-Units show off their technological prowess by gifting them this digital frame.

12 Inch Digital Frame with Motion Sensor

13. Grandparents who are contemplative and wise will dig the sand picture. Let’s be serious, who wouldn’t be mesmerized by these colorful patterns?

Sand Picture

14. Insomnia is a real pain in the butt. The older we get, the harder it is to reach that dreamy deep-sleep state. This noise machine makes a wonderful present because it’s less risky than Ambien. Plus, seniors need their beauty sleep, too!

Ecotones Sound And Sleep Machine

15. Your grandparents—they have tons of vintage and old-timey photos lying around. This gizmo makes your grandparents’ old photos easy to enjoy, preserve, and share. Hiding those embarrassing baby photos of your Dad is impossible.

7-in-1 Film to Digital Converter

16. Know what’s awesome? Stuff that’s fun for kids and grown-ups alike. Making music by fingering your wine glass never gets old, and drunk people of all ages and creeds find it amusing.

Musical Wine Glasses

17. Is your grandfather straight out of a Werther’s commercial? Grandparents and toffee candy go together like peanut butter and jelly. They’ll love this neat candy dish that looks like a glass baggie. The perfect place to stash those peppermints.

Unzipped Glass Zipper Bag

18. Just what the doctor ordered. Unless you have a pacemaker.

Prescription Coffee Mug

19. Let the G-Units know how much you care with this basket of organic food. Or what they use to call, “food.” Seriously though, this basket is filled with tons of delicious goodies. Your grandparents don’t mind sharing, right?

Organic Gift Basket

20. “Wine improves with age. The older I get, the better I like it.” – Anonymous Grandparent

Personalized Wine Barrel