Now that summer’s just about over, what are you going to do with your trove oh vacation photos? Will they sit on a memory card, or relegated to a computer file and stored?

Consider starting a holiday tradition in which your family photos taken over the past year become part of your holiday decor. In this age of smartphones and digital cameras, it has never been easier to turn your family memories into the seasonal decor that does what it’s supposed to – makes everyone smile.

Using photo collage frame, you can even create small groupings of photos according to theme – last New Year’s celebrations, for one. A family ski trip in February, hunting for Easter eggs in April, graduations in June, family vacations at the beach in August; you get the idea.

Begin by deciding which frame works best for your wall space. Next is the hard part – select the photos you want to display; if you can’t narrow it down to just six or 12, figure out if you have room for two of collage photo displays. Otherwise, we have a plan for grouping photos tabletop as well.

Choosing a theme for your hanging collage or tabletop photos helps tell your family’s individual stories. If your son and daughter ski, group their photos in a winter theme. If summer vacation is a big event for your family, make it your theme. Each family is different of course, which is what makes these photo collages so special.

If your kids are grown, and the youngest left for college this year, how about making this season’s theme a retrospective of one photo from every Christmas morning since the first year you celebrated Christmas as a family? The possibilities are endless.

If you can, group photos in similar color tones.

You can adopt distinct color tones to any photo grouping with Photoshop or an one of a myriad of photo manipulating software available.

Full color photos are fine, but black and white gives each collection a sophisticated look that stands out for all the right reasons.

Once you’ve have the photos grouped and have decided on the look you want, you can print the photos up yourself , or you can take them or digitally upload them to a printer, who can also give you the photo finish you request.

Many photo print shops allow digital uploads and will help convert your pictures to proper sizing.

After the holidays are over, these photo collages can continue to hang all year, and next year you can replace those photos with the best of next year!